Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Deborah Tilden - Oregon Recovery Ambassador

Deborah is a licensed facilitator of the Identity & Destiny - 7 Steps to a Purpose-Filled Life program. A recent graduate of Light University’s Christian Life Coaching Advanced Diploma program, with specialization in Stress Management, Marriage, Pregnancy Center and Abortion Recovery. She has received extensive training through the Sacramento, California Pregnancy Resource Center and Portland, Oregon HEART program in Post-abortion healing and recovery ministries. She has co-lead a number of groups of women through their personal healing journeys through the Forgiven and Set Free/HEART healing model.

Deborah Tilden is a speaker, writer, advocate and coach who believes in communicating the truth in love about the injustices and harm done to women, men, the unborn, and society as a whole brought on by misinformation and lies about reproductive grief & loss and abortion trauma. She is an Oregon Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, an Ambassador for ARIN – Abortion Recovery InterNational, the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation’s Speakers Bureau Coordinator, ORTL/ORTLEF Board Member and Board Member for the AACC Crisis Pregnancy and Abortion Recovery Division.

She is also an advocacy coach for special needs/traumatic brain injury clients and families which stems out of her own family’s life experience. It wasn’t easy, but she wants to use her experience to help make other’s path smoother.

Deborah loves working with USANA Health Sciences offering high quality nutritional, anti-aging skin care, and RESET weight loss and management programs. Coaching for better health through the many stages of life, creating a stream of income for the greater work of her heart in promoting LIFE, LOVE AND WISDOM.

Deborah is the co-creator of LifeVictory Coaching – Promoting a LIFEstyle of Considering the Infinite Possibilities through Spirit ~ Soul ~ Body Harmony Balance.

LifeVictory Coaching is based on key life principles:
L ove & Laughter
I dentity
F aith, Forgiveness & Freedom
E ncourage & Empower
V ision & Virtue
I nterdependence
C haracter & Creativity
T ruth & Thankfulness
O thers Focused
R ighteousness, Reconciliation & Rest
Y oung at Heart

Out of her own post-abortion healing journey, God birthed new life! Her vision for her LifeVictory coaching work is to incorporate the post-abortion recovery ministry into a model for positive social change, to promote life. Her non-profit, LifeVictory Healing & Recovery, a S.O.N. (Serving Our Neighbors) affiliate – Serving Our Neighbors in the Womb and Their Mommies and Daddies, creates opportunities for greater public awareness for those enterprises that help women choose life and bring healing to those who have experienced reproductive grief & loss. Her vision is to build a Coalition NETwork of Kingdom-minded businesses, organizations, churches, faith-based outreach for life, possibilities and compassion.

Based on Deborah’s personal experience and healing journey, she says, “We simply bought into the lie. This lie still continues in our world today - - ‘it’s just a blob of tissue.’ It was a cover-up of epic proportion.” Deborah believes that the time has come to blow the lid off the lies of abortion. She wants to see abortion become UNTHINKABLE through compassionate, non-judgmental education and healing ministries.

Deborah works towards building a culture of life, hope, compassion, and healing in Oregon, in the United States, and worldwide. Women and children deserve better. Men need to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered to be the providers and protectors of women and children, so that women can nurture life in the womb.

Deborah, along with Cindy Brunk, from Hood River, OR, and Tamra Johnson of Portland, OR founded the Please Say My Name Tour, a 683 mile, 36 day walking tour throughout Oregon which took place in the fall of 2010. Deborah completed 480 miles in 25 days. They visited memorial sites for the unborn in Pendleton and around the state, raising awareness and funds for Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Deborah has a passion to see people discover and fulfill their purpose in life. She sees people as the greatest natural renewable resource on the planet. God has given so much creativity to mankind. God has the answer to every single human problem we have, now we must seek Him for the wisdom to address the problems we face in our world today. “Everyone and everything has a purpose and has their own unique level of creativity and contribution to our world, for such a time as this.”

Deborah is a native Oregonian, with a few years spent in Nevada and California, from 1998 - 2005. Her husband of over 32 years, currently live in Newberg, OR. Deborah home-schooled her now, 3 adult children and sees this as a viable option and/or supplement to public and private schooling. Her youngest son is a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corp, and married to his beautiful wife. They are honored to serve God and their country in this way. Deborah and her husband have led numerous in-home bible studies. Her greatest passion is to see others grow into a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord.



ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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