Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Jennifer Miller - Tennessee Recovery Ambassador Minimize

Jennifer Miller lives in the gorgeous mountains of northeast Tennessee. She was not raised in a Christian family, but in the mid-1970′s Jesus saved her and lifted her, a 17-year-old mess, from the darkness that she had been living in. Although she knew Him, she had no spiritual foundation and gradually returned to the pit that He had pulled her from. Jennifer found herself unmarried and pregnant in 1981. In April of that year she made a choice that would haunt her soul for many years, she chose to abort my baby. At first things seemed ok, the crisis was over, and Jennifer returned to her life (exactly what the staff at the abortion clinic assured her would happen). But after almost 20 years of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and a wrecked marriage, God began to peel the scales from her heart and heal her. A few years later she felt called to minister to those who suffer from the grief and shame of a past abortion.

Along with her husband, Jennifer ran a small business for over 26 years and has three sons, ranging in age from 16 to 30, and three grandchildren. When they closed their business in 2007, she returned to school to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Development and went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling. Jennifer is currently a Staff Counselor at Tri-Cities Center for Christian Counseling where she ministers to women who struggle with the same types of things that enslaved her for so long: post-abortion trauma, addictions, childhood sexual abuse, depression, anxiety and domestic violence.


ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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