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what audiences say about stacy

"I just wanted you to know how inspired and encouraged I was when I heard your testimony. Serving at APU for nearly 16 years and another Christian college for 11 years prior, I have heard so many stories of brokenness. How God has brought healing in your life encourages me to continue to support our students that are at very hard places. God is so very good and yours is yet another story that testifies to this truth! Blessings…"

    - Willie Hamlett, Associate Vice President for Student Life/Chief Judicial Officer, Azusa Pacific University, California


Great presentation opening the eyes of many, including myself ,when it comes to the restoration that is needed for those who make a choice to terminate pregnancy. Content was the elephant in the room for a group of people who preach life but seemingly nothing for those who chose another route. Thankful for the redemptive work that you strive to do. Please continue sharing hope. Thank you for opening up your life to help me and others hear this message.
     - Cory Cartwright, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Alabama


Stacy's passion for hurting women and men is tangible and the ministry she represents is making a difference in the lives of those who have been touched by abortion. We need more people like her in the ministry!
    - Diane Pruitt, Alpha Women's Resource Center, Jackson, Alabama

"I thought it was excellent. Absolutely awesome. Please do this again! One of the best presentation I’ve ever seen.”
    - Kim Olson, Freedom through Forgiveness, Illinois

"Excellent! Mutual encouragement and education."
   - Lynn Coles, Choose Life Ministries, Northern Ireland

“Stacy engages the crowd with her dynamic personality and love for the Lord. She has passion as she speaks about Recovery and Life issues. She’ll help you find a place to connect and find hope in a World where it seems life is hopeless.”
     - Paula Talley, Magnificent Obsession Ministries

"I have seen Stacy Massey speak on numerous occasions and every time, I laugh, I cry,  I'm engaged and also challenged. She has the courage to speak out on a very difficult topic. We need more voices like Stacy's!"
    - Sheila Harper, SaveOne Founder and President, Tennessee


Stacy's honesty, frankness and vulnerability made this difficult topic approachable, especially to those in the audience that otherwise would have been overwhelmed.
      - Peggy Brening, Alabama

“Stacy has this God-given ability to convey facts and figures, while at the same time, sharing her heart for the brokenness due to reproductive loss issues. She manages to inform and educate, which is so important, but she inspires. One walks away from having heard her speak more aware, but more inspired to affect the hurt sweeping our globe!”
   - Lori Berg, Foothill Pregnancy Resource Center, California

“I attended Stacys’ workshop in Chicago at the Heartbeat Conference. It really made an impact on how I see women who have suffered after infant loss.”
     - Karen Regnier

“Stacy has the ability to love and help people with a balance of both truth and grace.  Stacy is focused, hard working, respected and gifted. She has demonstrated a high level of commitment to those she serves.”       
       - Chris Lagerlof, HI-DEF Consulting and Solutions, California

“Your compassion and honesty is bringing healing to both cultures and generations. Thank you Stacy for bringing a message of hope and making a difference in the life of our nation."
       -Cindy Collins, Generation Outreach, Louisiana

“Stacy Massey is a woman consumed with passion for the ministry God has called her to lead.  The work that she is doing is ground-breaking and the time for the work is NOW and with THIS generation.  My heart races at the potential healing this ministry can bring our nation.  Conversely, I fear what might be lost should this ministry cease to exist.”
   - Cathy Foster, President, Cool Coyotes, Inc.

“Stacys’ passion is genuine and really transparent.  She is on the cutting edge of an incredible movement.  I am so proud to be affiliated with Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.”
      - Debbie Henagan, Project 5:17, Lousiana

“Stacy’s information was fabulous. She helped me to see further what God is leading me to personally.  Expanding to the secular world in an approachable and transforming way is key and inspirational. Her ideas will become global and are necessary for such a time as this.”
     - Angie Hopkins, CareNet

"Loved the "playing in the sandbox" presentation. It's totally amazing how humble Stacy is - willing to share resources - goal is truly helping people heal - ego is taken out. How refreshing and encouraging. Thank you."
    - Jo Balsamo, Project Rachel Arlington, Texas

"The Abortion Recovery Leadership Symposium was a great vehicle for keeping ministries up to date."
    - Dane Wren, Reveille Ministries, Florida

"Excellent opportunity for discussion and networking."
   - Margaret Cuthill, British Victims of Abortion, United Kingdom

"Loved it.  Very helpful and informative."
    - Marisa Maese, Corona Life Services, California

"Special thanks to Stacy and Kim for setting the awesome spiritual tone and atmosphere. The Symposium was helpful, challenging and informative"
    - Mirian Mitten, Capital Area Pregnancy Center, Pennsylvania

"Stacys‘ passion for the recovery of post-abortive families (women, men, siblings) is contagious! She presents her materials in such a way, we WANT to go home and use her ideas to better our ministry.”
    - Marcia Schexnider, Project 5:17, Louisiana

"This was SO good and a wealth of information. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gathered much information from this. I wanted more!  Thank you very much.  We are joining ARIN now.  I've been a director for 10 1/2 years of a 25 year old Pregnancy Center... I wish I had had this years ago! Awesome."
    - Denise Miller, Pregnancy Resource Center of Panoma City, Florida

"Size of the room = good. Acoustics = good. Speaker = excellent. Sense of humor = wonderful. Information = outstanding. Warmth of people = such a blessing! Thank you so much for your fun sense of humor and wonderful gift of love and joy extended to all of us."
    - Ginny Keblusek, Texas

"This was fantastic!!  Want more than one day."
    - Janet Pilkerton, Mercy's Call, Maryland

"Great info. Almost wish we had 2 days to digest this.”
   - Pam Malchow, Corona Life Services, California      

"Thanks Stacy, you did a wonderful and professional job of organizing and moderating."
    - Dr. Catherine Coyle, Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training

"Stacy Massey truly has a heart of gold. I met her last summer during the taping of her testimony on the TV program "Faces of Abortion" that airs on SkyAngel and Angel One cable channels. Her experience with abortion and other devastating things in her life have brought her into an awesome walk with the Lord. I love to hear her speak and share to others, whether it is publicly or just hanging out with other collaborators in the Lord. Her passion for pro life ministry and bringing the healing message of Christ to others, no matter where they may be in life is contagious. Being around her makes me smile. She would be an asset to anyone that would give her an opportunity to speak the truth in love to those that need it the most."
    - Nona Ellington, Eagles Restoration

“Our partnership with Stacy Massey has tremendous blessings.  Not only do we rely upon her website for information and resources, we also rely upon Stacy’s wisdom and compassion in helping to guide us with such important issues as the training and selection process for potential group leaders.  We value her input and appreciate the time that she devotes to helping us be the best we can be.”
    - Mary Ann Webb, Assistant to Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, California

“Stacy’s heart is in recovery from reproductive loss.  I know that she has spent hours on the phone with post-abortive women, day or night, to help them through the painful emotions that come with having an abortion.  She makes herself available to everyone that is in need.  This is her passion....”
      - Kathi Fry, Program Administrator/Trainer, Awareness, Inc., California

“We have depended on Stacy Massey and ARIN to help educate our leaders, raise awareness about the negative consequences of abortion and direct post-abortive women and men to effective abortion recovery programs where they can find the help they need.  We are deeply appreciative of Stacy and ARIN and are thankful for any help you can provide to ensure their work continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the tragedy of abortion.”
    - David Bereit, National Director, 40 Days for Life

“Stacy Massey is a woman who has the guts to do something about the suffering women, men and families face after choosing abortion.  She brings hope and help through the hard work of leading others to healing.”
    - Patty Utzurrum, previous leader Saddleback Church Post Abortion Support Group

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Banquet Keynote - Alpha Pregnancy Center 2013 - Evaluation Responses:

I admire and quite frankly envy Stacy's enthusiasm and complete dedication to her ministry. She has inspired me to continue in my calling despite my current roadblocks.

It was informative and educational. I hope it opened the eyes of those attending.

This was a very eye opening presentation. The information was great and very thought provoking.

It was just what God wanted us to have for this year's banquet!

Overall, I found the presentation to be enlighting and interesting. I have learned about ways abortion affects both women and men that I have not previously considered. I further really liked that the presentation was done in a very frank manner. We all know this is a tough subject that many do not want to deal with. I think it is best to be very up front at the risk of being offensive. I learned a lot that I believe will be helpful to me both professionaly and personally.

Wonderful as you spoke with gut-wrenching honesty about so taboo and enlightening me to the realities that I more than likely knew but had just chosen to ignore.

I believe that Stacy brought us the message of the Father's heart, compassion and healing for those who are suffering from the trauma of abortion, and she did it with her heart open for us to see. I think everyone there was impacted and I hope that some will begin to come to our Center for healing.

Great Presentation! This is an area we feel like the Lord is leading us and having this message presented at this time was amazing.

Stacy's honesty, frankness and vulnerability made this difficult topic approachable, especially to those in the audience that otherwise would have been overwhelmed.



Care-Net Conference 2013 - Workshop Evaluation Responses:

This workshop was so much fun! Great ideas to use with the staff and volunteers - Stacy was amazing!

I loved being able to get together for "play" with others and listening to the differences of peoples choice of Toy. Excited to take this back.

I got lots of practical information and creative ideas to help to serve my volunteers.

I was uncomfortable with the interaction at first, but this is the workshop I will take home the most practical info that I can use in the future! Great workshop!

I will connect with ARIN to learn more. Great presentation loved the interaction involved.



ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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