Sunday, February 26, 2017

Help us Spread the Healing Message

Your financial support helps us reach those wounded physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually from abortion.  You can help:

  • Restore the person(s) affected.
  • Reconcile a couple.
  • Reunite family and friends.

  • Rebuild society.

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. is:

  • Encouraging and Extending healing opportunities to those hurting.
  • Enlightening society on the affects of reproductive loss on individuals and families.
  • Educating others through continued education, conferences and specialized training.
  • Establishing and Equipping a world-wide association of CARE* Centers/Teams united in mission, cohesive in nature and similar in practice. 
    Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts  TM

Please join us as a financial partner. It takes a team of many gifts to move forward. Monthly gifts of  $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 per month make a difference in our work.

Thank you!

Stacy Massey
President and Founding Partner

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Gifts to Abortion Recovery InterNational are tax deductible. We do not receive any government funding. All funding to Abortion Recovery InterNational is through private donations. We are grateful for the trust and sacrifice of every supporter. 



Thank you for your continued support!





May Be Used To:

$ 5.00


Allows 50 D.R.O.P. cards to be printed and mailed to those interested in promoting recovery within their neighborhood. 

$ 10.00


Puts a "Ripple Effect" brochure in the hands of 15 people that are hurting.

$ 25.00


Covers the material costs for an individual to attend a support group.

$ 60.00



Covers the curricula costs of a couple to attend an abortion recovery program ~ maybe saving a marriage. OR... it covers the Affiliate Donation Dues of an agency to join our efforts and affiliate with ARIN.




Covers the cost of one week of office space for ARIN for 2013. 

Covers the cost of an Abortion Recovery Leader to attend our SHARE Symposium 

$ 500.00


Provides airfare for an Abortion Recovery Consultant to attend and train other Abortion Recovery Leaders within the United States or helps us cover "office" costs for a month.

$ 1,000.00


Places an exhibit booth at a ministry conference to educate attendees on after abortion issues, examples: church conference, professional mental health conference, etc.

$ 2,500.00


Covers airfare, lodging & training materials for ARIN Consultants to assist in the start-up of a new Abortion Recovery CARE Center/Program, or to host a 3 day Regional Training Conference.


ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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