Introduction This paper encapsulates the general ideas surrounding the controversial topic of abortion. The paper displays the views of the members of my community . The mall idea of the paper Is centrally relevant to the topic of how abortion affects relationships; the causes and their effects. Abortion is a common practice among the women of today’s society. Though many pro -life activists argue that it is murder, many women feel it is their right to make decisions that will affect their bodies.

By definition, the term abortion refers to the premature termination of pregnancy by induced expulsion of a nonviable fetus from he uterus. Living in a community where there are several forms of relationship made it easy to conduct the research as couples were eager to assist me In determining the methods that should be used to reduce the practice. Problem Statement: Survey abortion and how It affects relationships. Research Questions: a) How does abortion affect partners in a relationship? B) What are the effects of having an abortion? ) To what extent do people support the legalization of abortion? D) How does the church and wider society view the issue of abortion? E) What are the underlying causes why people perform abortions? Method of Research This research was completed with the lad of a self drafted questionnaire. The questionnaire was attempted by 30 members of my community. The results of the questionnaire were then documents and the results put into the required portions of this paper. Observations compiled from interviews with another set of participants are also documented and displayed in the research.

There were several precautions I took to ensure the accuracy of the data I would be collecting: a) The questionnaire was succinct and took between 10 – 15 minutes to be completed b) I promised anonymity to the participants. ) The questions were drafted so that the participant could display much candor and Integrity In their responses. Instruments used to Gather Data Topic: A survey on abortion and how it affects relationships. Dear Resident: This letter is an introduction to a questionnaire which I am seeking your assistance to complete. The questionnaire is requiring that you help me determine the effects of an abortion on a relationship.

Answers will be held in anonymity therefore I do not require that you submit your name. I kindly implore that you provide your most honest opinion, because the results of these questionnaires will be submitted in School Based Assessment. Your time and patience is sincerely appreciated. Sincerely yours, Salesman Questionnaire Aim: To determine your views on the issue of abortion, specifically the effects it has on relationships. Information provided is strictly confidential so please do not submit your name. Instructions: Complete all questions in your most honest opinion.

Over 100 questionnaires were issued but upon compilation, only 40 were chosen to use as data for this paper. After the data was compiled the results were then displayed via histogram, table and pie chart to reflect the opinion of the participants. Presentation of Data for abortions, effects of abortions and the effects of abortion on relationships respectively. Pick] Explanation of Data The pie chart “Causes of abortion” reflects the respondents’ claim that abortion is mostly due to 55% in financial crisis, then 30% underage pregnancy, followed by 12% because of partner’s advice and finally, 3% for medical reasons.

The bar chart entitled “Long term effects of abortion” show the opinion of the respondents 30% say Remorse is the biggest effect. Their responses reflected Infertility in 21%, Separation in 10%, Nightmares in 12%, Insomnia in 7%, Sexual Freedom in 15% and Low Self Esteem in 5% The pie chart “Legalizing Abortion” shows 63 % of respondents saying yes while 7% said no. The pie chart “Effects of Abortion on Relationships” show 65% saying yes it positively affects relationships while 35% say no, relationships are negatively affected. Interpretation of the Data The analysis of the data collected for this research is as follows.

The survey conducted had 60% of the respondents to be female, most were between the ages of 24-30 and 85% were single. Most of the respondents were from the Christian faith and most of the respondents felt that religion does influence opinion on abortion. All respondents voted that a woman should have control over what happens to her odd. Thirty percent of respondents said that they know someone or has done to themselves an abortion. 100% of the respondents said that they are not against all forms of abortion and that excuses are Justifiable based b poverty.

Remorse and infertility were seen as the major long term effects. Most people said that an abortion positively affects relationships because most times the partners are mutual in the decision. Other opinions voiced in the survey proved that most times abortions are as a result of economic crisis and it does not affect relationships because most times the feeling views on abortion. Most people felt that abortion should be legalized because there are many situations when there need to be premature termination of a life. Also, most of the respondents said that remorse is probably the biggest long term effect of abortion.

Results The results of the survey proved that most people were for the legalization of abortion. People felt that abortion should be legalized because there are situations when taking an abortion is an intelligent option. The research also proved that underage pregnancies and financial crisis are the primary reasons for abortions. People felt that these two categories had many people ho need emergency termination more frequently than all other categories. My research also proved that relationships are not severely affected by abortions.

Reason being, many couples Jointly agree that they do not want a child at the present moment. I also found that religion does tremendously influence opinion on abortion. Many of my respondents felt that the Bible is against abortion because it says thou shall not kill. Finally, popular opinion supports abortion that is based on a genuine cause rather than a resort for purposeful reckless behavior. Recommendation and Conclusion There needs to be more awareness of the actual effects of abortion and how negatively it impacts the carrier and the environment.

Public education methods should be attempted to gain more awareness for the dangers and prevention of abortions. If there is more awareness people will be able to make better decisions and in the process implement preventative methods to forestall the need for the process in any case. Abortions result in suicides and mental depression. It severely affects the carrier emotionally and it is generally a poor social practice. My recommendation is that people should educate themselves and make wise decisions.

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