There Is a huge subject debate on the word abortion which is still going on today because It Is such a controversial topic that some states are continuing to change the law, so that abortion can once again be Illegal. However, throughout the world, there are about 1 1 5,000 abortions going on every day and some people are fine with It. An abortion is when a woman decides to kill her unborn child for whatever her reason(s) Mare. That is why many people consider that abortion should be legal since a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants with her body.

On the other hand, abortion opponents think that killing a baby is the wrong thing to do because it is a sin to them. Abortion should be illegal even though there is no right or wrong answer for whether abortion should be legal or illegal; it just depends on peoples’ views and the cases on abortion. The first disagreement with abortion is over when life starts in the womb. Some pro-choice people (who are for abortion) think that life does not begin when a baby is conceived, but In Why Pro-Life by Randy Alcohol, according to DRP. Alfred M. Boondoggling, “… Life begins at the time of conception… Man life Is present throughout this entire sequence from conception to adulthood… Any Interruption at any point throughout this time constitutes a termination of human life” (CTD. Alcohol 26). As living human beings, people are supposed to live out life to the fullest and not kill on purpose. God did not create women to become killers of this world, especially to kill their own child. In the English Standard Version Bible, R. C. Sprout states that “human beings were not created autonomous (that is, free to be a law to themselves), but autonomous – subject to the law of God” (Sprout 122).

God made men and women because they are supposed to bear the image of God, and that is why the world we live In has moral laws for us to follow. For example, if society was “created [to be] autonomous,” then a lot of people would be dead and the world would be a disaster. We cannot Just go off Into the world, start killing and doing whatever we would like. Letting women do whatever they want such as aborting a baby Is not right because they are not “a law to themselves”. Since some women experience abortion in their lives, it does not mean that the choice they make is the right one.

For many pro-life people, life is sacred, but s a pro-choice advocate argues, “The real issue in abortion debate today is not when life begins, but is it morally meaningful life? ” (Alcohol 48). Even though life is important to pro-life people, it does not mean that everyone can agree what a meaningful life encompasses. Life cannot be explained based on the secular belief of whether life is worth living. For people who are Christians, they believe that God made man so that they can live life to fulfill God’s mission as a follower, which is why human life Is precious.

In “Abortion Is Immoral,” Mary E. Williams states that “human fife Is sacred and Inviolable at every moment of existence, Including the Initial phase which precedes birth” (CTD. In Williams 22). This quote clearly explains that life should be Important to females who abort their child. People who believe that God made them to experience life in various ways, even if things go wrong: life is part of being made in God’s image. The pro-choice people argue that for an abortion, it is a challenge to their right of privacy, and that no one should be questioning women’s private rights.

The real issue, is which right is higher; the right to life, or the right to privacy? The right to privacy “is never an absolute right, but is always governed by other rights” (Alcohol 65). For example, if someone’s house was on fire, a fireman breaks into the house to save a life in danger. That fireman is intruding into the private rights of the owner because the fireman’s action is governed by a higher right to save life. No one has the right to privacy, and in reality, abortion is a convenient way to get rid of a problem.

However, the solution is short-sighted because we have heard stories of women who have gone through abortion, often regret in the later stage of life, especially when they have children. Under certain circumstances it appears, for pro-choice advocates, abortion is legitimate when the woman is pregnant as a result of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is endangered. As the book “Abortion?an Eternal Social and Moral Issue” points out that “In 1959 the American Law Institute proposed a revised Model Penal Code that gave physicians guidelines with which to work.

The Model Penal Code proposed that physicians be permitted to terminate a pregnancy’ if the mother was endangered, raped, or if the child had a birth defect (“Abortion: An Eternal Social and Moral Issue”). The Model Penal Code” was probably a way out for the innocent victim as a result of unwanted pregnancy. Further, abortion seems acceptable when the mother’s life is threatened by the complications in the pregnancy. The decision to abort the baby is the choice of the lesser of the two evils. Thus, abortion cannot be banned as proposed by pro-choice advocates.

Another perspective for pro-choice advocate is economic reasons. Poor families with many children will not be able to handle another newborn baby, and they may resort to back alleys for abortions. This will pose a danger to the health of the mother as a consequence of unlicensed actors. In an article, “Forty Years after Roe, Back Alley Abortions are Now on Main Street” Anna Higgins claims that “DRP. LeRoy Chart performed a late-term (33 week gestation) abortion on a 29 year-old woman who subsequently died of complications from the procedure” (Higgins).

Because women cannot afford to go to the hospital, abortion became legal for women who wanted to make the choice of not having the baby, and knowing that they are putting their own life in danger as well. For pro- choice supporters, the law for abortion does not want to force women “to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, [or] the result is unwanted children” (“Planned [email protected] Federation of America, Inc. If that woman was not allowed to abort the baby, then that mother of low economic means will not be able to support the child.

There are women of good means who will also opt for abortion simply because of the economic burden to take care of the child. The rationale given by the pro- choice supporter has little Justification for aborting the child. Although there may be a stigma for having a child as a result of rape and incest, there is alternative ways of solving the issue. One way is to give up the child for adoption. For example in an NY Daily News article, a woman was raped when she was a teenager, and she gave up her child in a closed abortion. This also applies to the other perspective with families of low economic means.

No matter what situation people are in, adoption is Abortion, Teen Mothers are Told, that “adoption should be a third option to abortion or keeping the child. It is an attitude that must be allowed to grow’ (Doughty). Offering the child up for adoption is a better way rather than having regrets. When he woman gets older, she will be able to meet her child and explain why she had to give up her child. “The reason that adoption may be painful is the same reason that abortion is devastating?a human life is involved” (Alcohol 98).

For a woman to give up her child, it is less of a punishment than realizing she killed her baby. Adoption is the bold choice; one that will later make the mother and child happy. According to the essay, abortion has different views for pro-choice and pro-life supporters. For pro- choice advocates, abortion should be the right thing to do if a woman is raped or regnant as a result of incest, she is endangered, her child has a birth defect, and if she cannot support her child financially.

These are the main view points for people who are for abortion. On the other hand, pro-life advocates’ main point is that abortion is immoral. That life is sacred, and is a greater right to have than the right of privacy. As a pro-life advocate, the question is, is there even a right answer for having an abortion or not? Since both sides have points to back up their argument, the question cannot really be answered since nearly everyone has an opinion.

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