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That’s an abortion every 20 seconds! Abortion should not be performed unless It concerns the health of the mother that makes her unable to carry a child. There have been many arguments about whether abortion should be legal or not.

In an editorial from the Washington Times, entitled “Abortion Is no minor matter”, Its written that the American Call Liberties union (UCLA), which is pro-choice, wants to delay a 1 995 law that requires rental or legal guardian consent for a minor to have an abortion, while the Americans united for Life (ALL), which is pro-life, has supported the Pregnant Women Support Act in 2006 and was an important role in the Harris v. McRae decision that occurred in 1980.

There are many things that the government should acknowledge before passing laws about the legalization of abortion, such as the choice of adoption, the dangers of abortion and every human being having the right to live. Conforming to www. Winsomeness. About. Com, life begins at conception of a baby, and abortion Is no different from murder because It Is taking a human life. Every human being has the right to live. In the movie 180, host Ray Comfort called abortion the “Holocaust of America”. When an Interviewed person said: “I think that It’s a women’s choice to have an abortion because abortion Is legal. He said: “So Is It the same thing if I said I think Hitler was wrong but it was his choice to kill the Jews and it’s k because it was legal and he had the sanction of the German people and they allowed him to? ” Another person said: muff shouldn’t kill babies button should have to right o do it. ” Ray replied: “Is that the same thing as you shouldn’t kill Jews but you should still have the right to do it? ” Should women have the choice of abortion Just because it’s legal? Well, according to www. Abortion. Rag, only about 1 % of abortions are caused by rape or incest, 6% is because of health problems of the mom, and 93% of abortions are because the child is inconvenient or unwanted, which is Just cruel. Conception was definitely not the babies’ fault. As mentioned in www. Everlastingly. Careless. Com, If a woman Is raped or Incest upon and seeks retirement right away, conception of a baby can usually be avoided. Besides, why would you kill a baby because of the crime of the father? Is that any more justifiable than rape or incest? Also stated in www. Abortions. Org, about 52% of women that experience abortion are younger than 25, teens being 20% of the total percentage of abortions. Teenagers should take the responsibility that comes with their actions, and an abortion is not the right way to give the teen another chance and “fix” their mistakes. Besides, teenagers are physically better prepared to undergo pregnancy than older women. As stated in www. Messiness. About. Com, women who don’t want to become pregnant should take control of their body with the proper use of contraception or abstinence.

The choice of adoption should always be taken Into consideration before agreeing to abortion. There are many people who would want to adopt children and many couples that are unable to have children would want to raise a child. People wanting to adopt children outnumber the amount of children put up for adoption. In consonance with www. Variegating. Secretaries. Com, if a a way to take care of the baby if she loves him or her, whether it’s having multiple bobs or putting the child up for adoption. Another interviewed person from 180 said: “Its right to kill a baby if the baby has defects and will have a bad quality life. Ray replied: “How can you make that Judgment on a handicapped child on whether it will have a bad quality life or not before it’s born? ” There are plenty of families out there that are willing to adopt handicapped kids. There are also many inspirational handicapped kids such as Halley Kookiness, a 13 year old girl with program, a rare disease that makes children age faster at a young age and can kill a child with the asses, is known for her program activism and how she doesn’t sulk about her condition, takes everything in stride and doesn’t care about the rude things some people say about her behind her back.

Additionally, women who were impregnated by unrighteous reasons such as rape or incest that don’t want to carry the rapist’s baby should still consider adoption. They’re not Just going to give the fetus to someone else to handle, but killing it. Death is permanent and the option to go back and change your decision is unavailable. There are many damaging mental and hysterical consequences of abortion. There is always the chance that both the mother and the baby could die in the procedure because of complications, especially if the abortionist was inexperienced or that the tools weren’t sanitized properly.

According to www. Abort. Com, in 2007, at least 6 women died from abortion complications. Abortion doesn’t always affect one person, but could also affect others, such as relatives, along with the mother. Several women find it extremely difficult to get pregnant after an abortion when they actually want to have children or start a family. Few can become infertile and can never have children again because the procedure punctured the womb or damaged the cervix. Commonly seen aftereffects are cramping and bleeding after the abortion.

Some women can’t walk or move around for weeks because of the incapacitating pain. Also mentioned in the editorial from the Washington Times is that women that have had an abortion have greater risk for octopi babies, miscarriages, pelvic inflammatory disease, and more serious long term health problems when they are pregnant with another baby. Women can also get infections if the abortionist didn’t clean out the womb properly. If they left some fragments in the womb, the procedure has to be done all over again and the mother must suffer even more pain.

The mother may also feel emotionally and/or physically distressed after the abortion, and sometimes is overwhelmed by guilt. In www. Cargo. Com, where women post comments about their life after the abortion, several of them admit they regret the procedure, for they feel like they were selfish, stupid, shameless and murderers. Some said that it was the worst decision they ever made, they have emptiness in their heart, they felt like they had no one to talk to, or hat they felt like the baby died right in their mother’s hand, etc.

Many women haven’t been told about the true nature of abortion when they agreed to have the procedure done, and only learned more about it after the procedure, but by then it’s too late to change their mind. In conclusion, abortions should not be performed. Human rights, adoption, and safety are important subjects to think about when considering abortion. Women should not be exposed to the painful consequences of abortion, especially the teens that have been raped or incest upon and had a wouldn’t have to regret their decision and live with the pain and guilt of the procedure for the rest of their life.

So the next time you vote for a president or a representative, especially a candidate going for a Supreme Court position, vote for a pro-life candidate that has the opportunity to bring the issue of abortion to the attention of other important figures in the government. Then all the dedicated pro- lifers in America will have a chance to rise as one team, with the support of a government official, and make some changes about the “Holocaust in America”.

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