Abortion Final Draft Essay

To have an abortion means to terminate the pregnancy, which means to kill the baby. Tell me, do you think that is right? Do you think that God would be proud of you for committing a murder? Let me ask you this, do you believe in God? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself, where in the bible does it say that it is okay to harm or kill any human being? It doesn’t. God doesn’t want any of his children hurt or harmed in anyway whether they are still in the womb or not. He doesn’t want any of His children in heaven before He planned for them to be there.

God does everything for a reason and He is always right. If a young girl around eighteen to twenty gets pregnant, then she got pregnant or a reason. May it be a lesson in life or the miracle she needed to change her life, there is always a reason. One way that a doctor should only ever be able to do the procedure of an abortion, is if the mother is in danger of losing her life. Even at that point though it still is not in anybody else’s hands except for God’s. God will decide what the right way is to handle something serious like this.

It does not matter if a doctor is trying everything he can to save a person’s life because God will still have the last stand, He will make the final decision. God has a plan for everything and everyone and nothing Just happens by coincidence. If someone is incapable of taking care of an infant because of financial problems or Just not ready for that big of a step, then the only answer to that is adoption. If you put a child up for adoption at least that child will have a life and you will know that he or she is going to be well taken care of.

If you take away the life that a baby could have than you are taking away all the possibilities of him or her being a successful doctor or anything they want to be. It is not anybody else’s choice to decide whether or not that baby gets to vive because that is God’s decision and should only be His. People fifty years ago and farther back did not have the option of killing their unborn child Just because they didn’t want it or could not afford it. When someone got pregnant back in the fifties they married the father and got Jobs to support themselves.

They didn’t Just say Oh I don’t want this baby and then killed it. Back then people actually took responsibility for their actions and made as good of a life as they could for their family. Today, people think that they can play God and decide that the baby should Just die. Under no circumstances should anyone think they have the right to take a life for any reason. Adoption agencies were established so that children without families could be adopted into new families to have a better life.

Also, so that expecting mothers who thought they could not take care of a child, could put their baby into an adoption home so the baby at least had a chance of having a life. Adoption also gives people a chance to have a family that are unable of having their own. There are so many couples today that are physically unable to have their own children and adoption is only one of their few options to ever have a family. If there is not any way that someone would be able to raise their baby themselves then they need to put him or her up for adoption.

Women have the choice to decide if they want to have sex or not unless they were raped. If women choose to have sex then they have the responsibility to protect themselves from getting pregnant by using contraceptives. If a woman chooses not to use any contraceptives and she gets pregnant then she needs to realize that the situation is not in her control any longer. She could have tried to avoid a pregnancy UT she chose not to use anything so the baby’s fate is in God’s hands. There are so many different ways to avoid getting pregnant in today’s world that there should not be an excuse to get help to not be impregnated.

Women today have so many options for them but abortion is not at all a right one. Even men have options for them to avoid impregnating a woman. So as you see, there are so many different options out there that can avoid a pregnancy that there should not be as many unwanted pregnancies as there are. In conclusion, abortion should never be accepted as acceptable. It is morally ring and if you have any inkling at all that there is a God then you know that killing an unborn child is something that he would not want.

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