Abortion is not A Option

Women in the entire world should not abort because it has to do with religious values, human values, and values of conscience. Women believe there are many reasons to abort such as fear of having or raising a child, rape, or not having enough money. But whatever the situation, there Is never an acceptable reason to get an abortion. The first reason why women should not abort has to do with religious values.

In almost all religions, a woman Is not permitted to have an abortion. If they do, their religions will punish them. In some religions, for example, a woman cannot take communion after having an abortion, and before taking communion again, she must do many things as a form of penitence. In whatever religion, abortion Is punished, and for this reason, women should not abort. The second reason why women should not have an abortion Is related to basic human values. Omen need to think about their unborn babies who are not expansible for this situation. These unborn babies should have the privilege to live and grow into a normal person. Women need to be more humanitarian and less egocentric with these babies. On the other hand, the baby does not know how or why he is here. It is not necessary to kill a life. There are many other solutions to resolve this problem short of abortion. Finally, the third and most important reason why women should not abort is related to her conscience.

When a woman has an abortion, she will always think about the baby that she might have had. She will always think about the future that could have happened with her baby which will always remind her that she killed it. Because she has had an abortion, she will never have a good life, and her conscience will remind her of what she had done. Because a woman who has an abortion cannot forget about what she has done, these thoughts will always be with her, and the results can be calamitous.

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