Abortion Paper

Do you think an innocent child’s life should be taken away? Everyone has a different perspective about abortion; an innocent child’s life is being taken away for a mistake. No matter how much this topic has been in argued, in my opinion abortion is and always be immoral. As children’ lives are being taken away, there are families out there that are dying to have a child! Some mothers’ think its easier to take the baby’s life away then to wave goodbye, knowing the child would be out there somewhere the world.

Even though there are several reasons women choose to have portions, it’s still considered as if it is murder. When a women gets an abortion on she is taking someone’s chance to live. Many people believe it should be justified in the fact, if the girl got raped and then pregnant in “special cases”, where the baby wouldn’t have a good life. The other percentage Of people consider it to be not about the circumstance once, but to be about the women’s personal rights to do in whichever they please t their bodies.

Women sometimes terminate the pregnancy for the reason been they don’t feel as if they can uphold such a big responsibility. Despite the fact hey may be right, if they weren’t ready for a child they shouldn’t have taken t he MASH Ana Nava Lord huge risk in the first place. It is not fair for the unborn child who cannot defend d itself. On the other hand, some women do not wish to suffer through a long n Nine month pregnancy. Now ask yourself, Do these women accident or not have the right to terminate their pregnancy?

According to the bible, Jeremiah 29:1 1 stats For I know the plans have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you but plans to give you hope and a future”, Thus meaning, whether its by rape, an accident, or not a child formed and is aborted is a mistake. Both the mothers and child’s life are in God’s control. I personally agree to these to statements. Abortions are unnecessary when there are other options available. Adoption is a practical alternative to abortion. Abortion can be defined as the International killing of a human being. Abortion is an act in which an innocence human being is intentionally killed; therefore, abortion should be made illegal are all other acts such as killing. Some people say it should be legal because t child is not conscious either. When people are in a deep sleep they too are no longer conscious either. Does that mean it is okay to kill people in their sleep women gets pregnant accidentally, she could give it up for adoption. There’s millions of women, gay and lesbian couples that cannot have children that woo old gladly take the women’s unwanted child.

Having an abortion is like saying” I don’t want the child, and I don’t want you to have him or her tithed’ God aqua test the loss of a life, for he says, ” you are to take a life for a life. ” This point cannot be emphasized strongly enough, God considers the unborn baby alive and the loss of that life is equivalent in value to an adult life in God’s sight. This also outlines God’s words against criminal pesticide. The helpless child is trusting the mother and looking towards that women for her nourishment and unconditional love.

That baby has no say in what goes on with her or his life at this point and won’t for many long months ahead. So if the baby doesn’t know what’s going it doesn’t really matter right? That baby is helpless. Trusting on his or here’s mother. Individuals argue that their situations aren’t where they need them t o be at that time, or they’re maybe in financial difficulties. The excuses are endless we feel bad for anyone in these situations naturally ,but aren’t you the one who isn’t mature enough to handle what came before this blessing?

Weren’t you the One who knew the consent ounces but chose to proceed anyways? There are methods of preventing pregnancy; Birth Control is a great way to ensure that you aren’t just another statistic in teen pregnancy in the United States. Finally, In conclusion, I leave you with my opinion. Sure you have your rights , but is it really worth ending someone’s chance to live ? I’m personally against abortion, I consider it as a murder. People of the world need to put themselves in the child’s shoes and see how it would feel to know you were a mistake and for that you needed to die.

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