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This report concludes that abortion has come popular among many people out there who are married but cannot support their child or are afraid to get insulted for it. In this report, I have included a few recommendations on how to avoid the abortion cases from increasing dramatically. The method that I have used to do the research is by doing surveys using survey forms and went online to search for some reference. Have you ever been in a life or death situation? Many babies all around the world are in life threatening situations everyday.

The only difference is that we can fight for our ivies and do whatever we possibly can to survive – a baby cannot. Ever since abortion was legalized in the united States millions of poor innocent babies have been killed. I believe abortion is morally and ethically wrong and completely unfair to the baby that is suffering the consequences. Having an abortion Is wrong for so many reasons. In this paper will be discussing my opinion on abortion and why it is so cruel and wrong. Abortion is wrong because the baby has no other option than to get killed.

It can’t speak out for It’s rights or prevent Itself from being aborted. Another reason why Is because If the parent knew they weren’t responsible enough to have a child or that the circumstances wouldn’t allow them to, they shouldn’t have had a baby in the DISCUSSION I have prepared a survey form for this topic and below are the few questions that I have prepared and also the feedback that I get from the people who have completed my survey form. 1. Do you know what abortion is?

From the Chart Above we know that most ANTI students who did the survey are well educated and know the meaning of abortion. 2. Do you think that women wanting to undergo an abortion should have to have a consultation with an experienced counselor? From the chart above we can see that most people thing that women wanting to undergo an abortion should have consultation with an experienced counselor to seek for other method of solution if possible. 3. If abortion was to be illegal in Malaysia, what special circumstances do you believe should be kept for consideration?

Please choose as many as you wish; a) teenage pregnancy :7 b) pregnancy as the result of sexual assault/rape :9 c) single women: 2 d) women who are dependent on drugs/alcohol: 9 ) women who are suffering from depression and/or take part in self-harm: 8 From the chart above we can conclude that most people think assault/rape victims should be allowed to have an abortion and also that drug/alcohol users should be allowed to have an because they aren’t able to support their child if its born because they will turn to drugs more. 4.

Commonly women who undergo abortions sometimes experience: numbness and emptiness, false euphoria (a feeling of great, usually exaggerated, elation), the need to keep excessively busy, general depression, sudden outs of crying, anger and/or guilt & sexual or relationship difficulties. Do you think that abortion is harmful to women’s self-esteem and mental health and/or stability? From the chart above we know that most people think after an abortion the self- esteem and mental health and/or stability of the individual might be effected. Who get themselves pregnant should have to pay a fee?

From the chart above most people suggest that abortion should be a free server in government hospitals. 6. Do you think there is something good in abortion? From the chart above we know that people think that there is still something good in abortion for example for Rape/Assault victims. 7. Do you think abortion is injustice? From the chart above we can see that the community cannot decide if abortion is justice or injustice because the circumstances of the people undergoing abortion must be taken into consideration. 8. Should abortion be legalized to all countries?

From the chart above we know that most people suggest that abortion should be legalized in all countries. 9. Do you think that abortion should continue to be legal in Malaysia? From the chart above we can conclude that most Malaysian think that abortion should continue to be legal in Malaysia because it is the choice of the female not the government. 10. Should a pregnant mother have the power to make decision to have an abortion? From the chart above we can conclude that most people think that the mother of the child should have the power to make the decision to have an abortion and not the government or other sources involved.

CONCLUSION Whilst an expecting mother may not be in the best position to raise a child, it is questionable whether the death of that unborn child is a Justifiable solution to the problem. Although an abortion may be necessary to save the life of an expectant mother in some situations, one may argue that abortion should not be an escape route for those who have failed to take responsibility with regards to suitable protection from unwanted pregnancies. Until we all accept that abortion kills an innocent human being… Until mothers are held responsible for their actions…

Until it becomes illegal to kill an unborn child… Until then, millions of innocent lives will continue to be snuffed out, while people continue choosing the easy way out. Doesn’t everyone deserves the right to live? RECOMMENDATION Abortion should never be anyone’s primary method of birth control. However, it is impossible to conclude the most moral course of action in every situation. There are cases of incest, cases of rape, and cases of health dangers, and other cases we have not yet imagined where abortion Just might be the only sane option a woman has.

Besides that, birth control during intercourse with your partner is also essential if o are not ready yet or if you are ready but u are unable to support the child if it’s born then please use a condom. Those who are so virulent against abortion should campaign for factual education about birth control. Abstinence only education is scientifically proven to be ineffective. Promise keepers organizations only breed lies. We need to accept the reality of our sexuality and treat it responsibly so abortions never happen except in the most extreme scenarios.

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