Abortion Pro vs. Con

The reason for having an abortion varies from woman o woman. The health of the woman or child and the ability to support a baby financially or emotionally. It’s a women right to control her body. Women can also have a medical abortion because carrying a child can threaten her life. This means if she carry the baby to full term it is likely for her to die or have many health problems. Also if the child will be born with birth defects, such as Downs Syndrome and Spins Flail, the doctor is able to see this in through the amniocentesis.

A woman will have the choice whether to go lull term or have a medical abortion. Medical abortions are safe, and are only done in early pregnancy. When a woman knows she is not financially stable or emotionally stable to care for a baby, she has the right to carry the baby to full term or terminate her pregnancy. According to the Campaign for our Children website, it cost $785 per month to care for a baby, if the woman knows she cannot afford a baby and then the best choice for her would be an abortion (Unknown Author).

When a woman is not mature enough ND she knows she cannot take care of herself or another person, she knows if she is ready to bring a child into an unstable home. The biggest debate in abortion rights is when life begins, at conception or at birth. For those that are pro-life they think life begins at conception and abortion is murder. For those who are pro-choice they think life begins at birth and abortion is acceptable. Pro-life believes abortion should be illegal and they thinks it is assisted suicide, but pro-choice believe it is not murder, because the fetus cannot survive outside the body.

Pro-life believes the government should be able to stop a woman from terminating a pregnancy, but pro-choice know the government cannot tell a woman what to do with her own body. Pro-life believes it is very wrong but they need to know women have to do what’s best for their body and the baby (Abortion Debate). Pro-choice believes woman have the right to make the decision on abortion. It is a woman’s right to do anything to her body and do anything to make sure she is in good health. When pregnant with a child, you have to know if you are emotionally ND financially stable because caring for another person is not an easy Job.

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