Arguments on Abortion

Introduction Abortion is a hot topic and a significant topic for many people. •What is abortion •Ways to terminate a pregnancy •Types of abortion: Therapeutic and elective What is Life? •Most religious people are tenaciously against abortion and feel life is born upon conception. •New studies have proven the fetus can feel and hear as little as a few weeks. •Fetus heart is developed at three weeks. What is pro-life and pro-choice? •Pro-life: People who believe that the fetus/baby should be protected. Pro-choice: People who believe that the women have the right to decide what happen to the fetus/baby. Why do women decide abortion instead of adoption? •Unplanned pregnancy •Fear of parents, family, and friends’ rejection. •Adoption is only considered as a last option What are the procedures for abortion? •Morning after pill •Aspiration abortion •Actual abortion takes ten to twenty minutes. What laws are in place for abortion today? •They are confidential •Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Indiana ban abortions over twenty weeks. Women should have the final decision on abortion. Supreme Court should not have the right to decide if an abortion should be done on any woman. •Men should not have the right to decide because it is not their body. Pregnancy will always present risks to women but not as much as abortion does. •Some mothers die during childbirth •Babies placed in orphanages do not always get adopted Conclusion •The United States should legalize abortions. •Laws to support the Pro-choice should be implemented across the United States. References Callahan, D. (2007, May). Images, Arguments, and Interests. Society, 44(4), 22.

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