Critical analysis on abortion

How Words Can Affect Someone Why are others so concerned if a woman is going to have an abortion? Yes, everyone has the freedom of speech but why can’t they do that without making someone feel even worse. Most protestors don’t know what the woman who is about to have an abortion is going through. Some women have to deal with the pain and loss for years. Some might never get over what they did and having another person yelling at them calling them hurtful names can make an even worse impact.

It isn’t wrong on having an opinion but there are always different ways to express yourself. Being insulted and criticized won’t change someone’s mind or make them hear you out on what you have to say. Having A Choice No matter if you are against abortion or not, everyone has a choice. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice you aren’t wrong for believing in what you want. Trying to stop someone and being disrespectful towards them won’t make you a better person. A woman has the right to decide for her own self. Maybe yelling at someone isn’t the right thing.

What if a protestor actually tired talking to a woman who has gone through abortion? What if they tried to see how they felt and what an emotional impact it is on them? Maybe they would think about thinking before doing. Conclusion Going through an abortion doesn’t make you a horrible person. There are many reasons why one has gone through the procedure and it is your own business. Having to live with the pain and dealing with it makes you a strong person. You will forever have the memory of what you went through. You look back and think.

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