Debate on Abortion Paper

Is the termination of pregnancy, whether Induce or spontaneous prior to a woman giving birth. The abortion can take place if the fetus has not exceeded less than 20 weeks from the time the woman has been impregnated. “The Christian Right seeks to criminality abortion, but not all religions condemn abortion unequivocally. ” Some people may ask If abortion Is ethical or unethical, and based on location, moral beliefs, laws, and religion there are different views. In the world most countries created abortion laws that are strict and so has India.

In the early sass’s the Indian reliant enacted the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MET). A woman in India Is allowed to have an abortion only If It has been approved. The conditions under the MET Act that allows a woman In India the approval to terminate a fetus are the abortion must be done by a qualified doctor in a hospital or clinic that is approved to do so, if the fetus is at risk with mental, physical, or serious handicapped. Other validations for the approval of the abortions are If the mother life Is at risk. If she sustains grave Injury both physically, or mentally.

Last If contraceptive fails, or if the pregnancy was caused by rape. Who are we to judge a woman based on her decision to abort an unwanted child. In India abortion is on demand although some individuals may view it as shameful. In the Hindu religion abortion Is condemn In no uncertain term. The Hindus’ view a fetus as a divine split, and is viewed as a sin and heinous crime. Whether in the united States, India, or worldwide abortion rights should be decided by the woman that is pregnant, and not by laws that determines when or why pregnancies should be carried or terminated.

If abortions were completely Illegal what would the result have been for these unwanted children? The lack of love for that child can result In tragedy for both parents, and most of all for the child. Rejection from these women who were not able to terminate these pregnancy can lead to the child feelings of not being worthy, feeling unwanted, and unloved. Feeling of neglect, or unloved sometimes lead to a destructive life style for most of the child/ children that are experiencing such sad situations. Many women in India are forced to engage in unsafe abortion that often times lead to death.

Women are dying every day from complications of unsafe abortions by self-induced terminations, or paying little to nothing for an unskilled person to complete the termination. Over eight-hundred-thousand maternal deaths has been link to unsafe abortions. Women are going through desperate measures to abort these unwanted child/ children and are putting their lives at risk by attempting to abort these child/ children. An unsafe abortion is a known epidemic and we as a people need to raise more awareness of this continued public health Issue. “Methods to terminate an unwanted or unintended pregnancy are known to have existed since ancient times. Women back then went to extreme measures to abort a child. These women used vaginal preparation, oral medications, injections, and insecurities objects that may cause trauma to their abdomen In an attempt to abort that child. Education about the use of contraceptive and family planning needs to address to reduce these types of unfortunate deaths due to the lack of education in regard to 1 OFF implement continual education about the effect that non-usage of contraceptives, and poor family planning mainly to promiscuous teens, and unmarried couples.

Where almost all abortions are legal, overall success rates reflect this, e. G. The 1998 Reproductive Health Surveyed Mongolia reported that, among the 64% of women who had attempt to stop an unplanned pregnancy, only 2-3% had failed. ” Women that select the option to abort a child on their own or by an unprofessional person are placing their lives at risk. These women chose such options because they are either ashamed, scared of being abused, rejected or are afraid of legal retaliation depending on their global location.

Women worldwide faces continued challenges when it comes to abortion, but n the end it’s their bodies and they should have a right to decide what is best for them. India is a known for having a high rate of poverty. The government needs to implement more education to unwedded couples, teenagers, schools, church etc. So that the community is aware of safe sex, proper use of contraceptives, and family planning. This can establish a rapport of care between the people and their government in regard to being well educated about the effect that the non-use of contraceptive can cause.

It is necessary to set laws so that there are logical boundaries of the time frame in which a fetus can be aborted. India laws and views on abortion remains a serious ethical dilemma in regard to women rights to having an abortion. Why should the government intervene to tell a woman when or why she can or cannot have an abortion? Whether in India or worldwide we all as a people should be entitled to pursue of freedom, liberty, Justice, and happiness. Abortion is often labeled as murder, but who are we to Judge. Having an abortion should be viewed as an alternative and opportunity to educate a woman that is considering having an abortion.

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