Formal Proposal- Abortion

Abortions are when mothers who do not want or cannot take care of their young get their baby killed. Abortions are legal upon request In the united States. Any pregnant women can get an abortion. Abortions are performed by doctors and they use a vacuum like machine and take the fetus out of inside the mother. Many people argue that parents of babies who don’t want them will be neglected. Due to this neglect, this baby would grow up to become a criminal.

Is this enough to say that babies should be killed if heir parent doesn’t want them? As a Catholic, we believe that abortion is wrong. Catholics believe that once the baby is conceived he or she is a living being. This also means that aborting a baby would be stealing a person’s life, which is a cold-blooded crime. On the other hand, others believe that they have the right to abort their child. These people believe that as a citizen, these pregnant women have a choice to kill their own baby, to make their lives easier or whatever the case may be.

I believe that abortion Is completely and utterly a crime that should be stopped. Why should one person be able to take another person’s Life away? I do not choose this as my choice because of my religion I choose this because it is unfair. I believe that the only way abortion should be permissible is when it is used to save the mother. In some cases, women die giving birth to their child. I think that this is the only time abortion should be allowed, which is saving the mother’s life. Women don’t realize that this act is irrecoverable. Once the baby is aborted, there is no coming back.

Often times, women cannot deal with the guilt that comes after their abortion. Some women never get over this guilt and sometimes even commit suicide. I find this topic quite Interesting, simply because it is such a dilemma in our world. I understand that some women get pregnant and they’re too poor to take care of their child. This does not mean that one should be killed because of their parent’s Inability to care for them. I believe that everyone should get a chance. It Is mind boggling that me wonder about my country. Next will we have people killed for something else?

I was highly motivated for this topic because I cannot stress how wrong killing a elapses being’s life is. I expect that this act will stay legal, no matter what anyone tries to do about this. People are Just blind to the fact that they were once inside their mother, and they could’ve been aborted, but they were given a chance to survive. If people realize this, I think that they would change their minds. Questions: 1. Who legalized abortions? 2. How many people get aborted in the world every year? 3. Where are abortions legal and Illegal? 4. When Is It morally allowable for someone to be aborted?

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