Legalization of Abortion vs. Crime

This article review Is about the impact of legalization of abortion on crime which explains legalization of abortion In 1973 was one of the Important factors for a drastic decline In crime rate In the united States In early sass. They argue that unwanted children’s who were born was more likely to be criminals when they turn 15-25 years old as they grow up in poor living conditions or under the guidance of uneducated single parents.

So the increase in the number of abortions after legalization in 1973 reduces the crime rate 15-25 years later as the children who are likely to be criminals in the future were not born. In economic point of view, this statement is based upon positive analysis because it is a factually based statement with reliable evidences as this article explains about three types of statistical evidences to support their argument and their validity can be tested by further research. First, there was a drastic increase in the number of abortions from 75,000 In 1 973 to 1. Million a year ill early sass and decrease in one third of crime rate In the early sass which Is approximately 15-25 years after the legalization of abortion and it is also the age of the children If they are probably born. Second evidence they presented supports the fact that few states where abortion was legal 3 years before U. S Supreme Court’s Roe v/s Wade decision were first to experience declining crime rates. Lastly, based upon the research they were one -half reduction crime rates from 1 991 to 1997.

The author also estimates that there would be an increase in the number of abortions ND prominent reduction in the crime if 1976 Hyde amendment was not implemented this shows that there was a movement along the demand curve. To illustrate this there was a downward movement along the demand curve from 1973 till Hyde amendment was implemented in 1976 as there was an increase in demand for abortions as it was not legal in the past and it is also covered in Medicaid. After 1976 Hyde amendment Implementation, there was upward movement along the demand curve as the price Increases due to restrictions on federal funding of abortions.

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