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Little did it occur to Loren that her employment would put her at an advantage until she came face to ace with a law restricting her from her reproductive choices. “l suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, given increasing attempts across the United States to limit women’s access to reproductive health care”, stated Loren. Loren is beginning to show us as an audience of women and political voting stand point that she is being put at a disadvantage. With laws starting to restrict what she and many other women like to have control over which is our reproductive choice.

This article text is meant for the men and women that read the “Chicago Tribune” to notice that the government is going to take these writes away from women. Later in the article Loren begins to tell us that she has been on birth control for most of her adult life and has always had irregular menstruation timing and this particular missed menstruation wasn’t any different until Loren began to suffer extreme nausea and fatigue, two major symptoms of pregnancy. Loren then bought a pregnancy test and it confirmed she was pregnant.

That following Monday Loren had a doctor appointment and was shocked to find out that she was already eight weeks and three days pregnant. As a reader, I would be shocked if I was in Lore’s position with not knowing I had already been eight weeks pregnant. Abortion wasn’t an automatic choice for me, it was one I was strongly considering, and the method I preferred, (drug induced abortion) can’t be performed after nine weeks so I only had a few days to consider my choice. ” (Loren) Loren is faced with a decision a lot of girls and women get faced with every day.

By keeping an open mind that it is the woman’s choice to be in charge of her body and that many of these decisions are for the better health and wellness of women and a better future also. This is being effective in a way that women get faced with these decisions and to have them taken away from a woman could leave her in pep depression and stress that could take a harmful effect, not only on her but also the baby too. With these harmful effects that can weigh in on a woman can sway in other mothers along with nurses and some men.

When someone is faced with a tough choice such as an abortion, it can be a hard decision with life changing altercations that have the good and bad consequences that come with most abortions. “My doctor and nurses were supportive with the information they presented me with and discussed with me about how as a federal employee, her health care coverage is barred by congress from paying for abortion services except n the case of rape, incest, or life of the women is in danger. “l was fortunate enough to pay for the abortion without affecting my ability to honor other financial commitments but years ago I couldn’t have managed that, and now I fear for the women who can neither afford the procedure nor wait for their next payday to take action. ” (Loren Clark-Moe) The article “My body, My employer, My abortion” is getting used now as an influence more towards single women who work two-three Jobs Just to pay off bills which could leave them in this situation of not knowing how to pay for the procedure on their own.

Even men and women who were brought up in less fortunate circumstances knowing that they wouldn’t want to raise a child in a low income bases struggling to provide for their children. To help present this argument better, Loren could have stated facts about how many women on low income bases tend to get abortions vs. how many women struggle Just to provide for their family with low income bases.

Such statistics as abortions from single women on a low income salary that apply threw abortion agencies for receive help would go to show how many women would struggle to raise a family as a whole considering they were already having a hard mime providing enough financial need for an abortion. Also showing a survey and statistics of women raising a child on a low income bases and how much they struggle would help to show that it wouldn’t be fair to not only the mother but also to the child getting raised in a less fortunate home environment can take a toll on the child.

Adding these examples and factual information it would have captured more of an audience for individuals who like to see factual information along with imagery example. It would speak to young adults who have grown up in such life styles that re less fortunate than others knowing they wouldn’t want that life for anyone else. This article is starting to overlook some of the decisions Loren faced and some of the pros and cons she weighed out in her decision of having an abortion.

Using some of her reasons why she went ahead with the abortion could help paint an image in the audiences mind about what her life would have been if she would have continued on with the pregnancy. Adding in how she had enough money to pay for an abortion and how much it cost her with no help from other agencies or even with her health overage to provide an overview for other who do not have insurance. L am not ashamed that, as a 29 year old woman, I am sexually active and I have a healthy, functioning reproductive system. I am also fortunate to have an accommodating workplace, supportive family and friends and the financial resources to handle unexpended expenses. ” “Abortion opponent often argue that impediments such as the ones I faced lead women to consider more capable of making appropriate decisions on consultation with my doctor, about my health, my body, my life. ” Expressed Loren.

This statement stands out to me as an important statement cause it is showing women are individuals Just like men, where we should always have our own rights especially when it comes to our bodies. Loren stating how she is healthy and sexually active stands out to me the most because most adults and young adults are very sexually active these days and when an unexpected pregnancy comes along, it shows not only the individual is healthy with being active but also that they are able to conceive without complications.

It also brings me too saying many people like to say, “Everything happens for a reason. ” Lore’s actions accounted err in a situation that the consequences would lead her to face the decision of what was best for her and that going forward with the abortion is the reason where she is today and how she has grown from it. An argument that would have helped Lore’s article would have been if she would have stated the opponents view on the situation.

Simply stating how she could have went through with the pregnancy and gave the child up for adoption or even continued to raise the child on her own and how that would of be the “Pro-Life” view on the situation, but then came back with a stronger argument on why it wouldn’t of worked out in her best interest. Giving the example that going through with the pregnancy and giving the child up for adoption would be twice as hard on a woman and following through with factual information such as surveys and test that were taking by woman that not only gave up a child for adoption but other woman that could be put into that very particular situation.

Another great argument that could support Lore’s decision of not going through with the pregnancy would be by taking test done by children that are in adoption homes or have foster homes and what kind of hardship it has taken on them knowing hat their mothers couldn’t raise them. Many readers could then relate to those statistics due to either being a foster child themselves or knowing someone who has been and the struggle it has put them through emotionally and mentally. In the end, I would have gotten an abortion with or without the restrictions placed upon me as a federal employee. It was the decision for me. Restricting my access to health coverage didn’t prevent my pregnancy and it certainly didn’t influence my choice. All it did was punish me financially and otherwise for making a responsible, physician- proved health care decision. ” “Vive now left federal government to pursue a master’s degree, and I am proud of the years I have spent working with the federal government to keep American public safe and secure.

However, the mission of preserving my health and well-being rest solely with me and my doctors, and it requires no interference from my government or its politicians. ” Loren is now shifting her audience towards voters, public officials, women, men, pro-life committees to show that women should be the only person in charge of their bodies and if they feel t is a better choice to get an abortion for the better of their health and life then they should be able to do so and the government shouldn’t be able to take that right away from a women.

It is very important to keep our rights with how we live our future and what we do to protect it. At this moment the Pro-life community would argue saying if we ban abortions in all states women won’t have any choice except follow through with the pregnancy. Some of the flaws I found that Loren made in her article were the lack of factual information and the ineffective use of emotion. I feel that some readers base their opinions off of either factual information or an emotional story and with adding those key factors it would have grabbed my attention along with other readers.

Many of the states are attempting to ban and put a very strict guide line on abortions and if they do succeed like many states are then many women will be faced to raise a child no matter what the circumstances may be. Protestors will say that we should care for a child whether if it has a heartbeat or not but what they don’t tend to put themselves in the place of women who are in need of abortions or having them.

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