My Opinion on Abortion

Abortion been a subject all of the media and college students talking about and having a civilized conversion about. “If a man could get pregnant, you could get an abortion in Wall-Mart. ” Is a sentence was mentioned in my English class that I have been thinking about many ideas to figure out what is the tone of it and why. I think I was arguing with myself for this week all about Abortion, but the good thing Is that I believe In some points.

After a long thinking, I agree with this quote, because I think that peoples’ point of view will change towards abortion because the person ho will be having abortion Is a man. People will look at the situation as If It’s harder for men than women, so people will agree about the legalization of abortion. Also If I look at Abortion In general, I think that people In the United States are Glenn the Issue more attention than It worth, because I think that abortion Is existed already for centuries all over the world even If It was unknown by others.

Abortion always been existed in the Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew, and Buddhism communities and countries. I think there are always sides to the problem. The women who ill or had have abortion already know what are the causes and effects. I agree with as long as the baby is less than three months then the decision is up to the Doctor or the mother.

Also what if the woman got rapped and she cannot accept the fact of having the baby in such a cruelty way and don’t have a father, then still is up to her. But also think that women should be very careful about their decisions of having a baby or not. No matter what at the end, I agree whatever the woman wants to do I support her as long as her family agree, her safety, and if it’s legal or not. Women are free to do whatever they want to do to their own bodies.

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