Outline Abortion

My first solution would be to put an end to abortion by making It Illegal everywhere in the united States. 1 . There are many people in charge of putting a stop. The government needs to make the first step and make abortion illegal. Some people can make protest to the government about abortion to stimulate the actions toward making abortion illegal. 2. The solution does not need much money at all. It does not require much money at all to pass a bill or law. 3. The evidence that will show that this solution is working would be lover abortion rates. Ore people will have to keep their babies because there will to be an option of abortion.

B. CAST themes: 1. THe life and dignity of the human person: no one should have their fate decided by someone else. Only God takes people when he needs them with him, no one else has the right to take away a life. Also no babies will die if it is illegal (power over) 2. Rights and responsibilities: it is the responsibility of the mother to love and care for her unborn baby, she Is responsible for most things that happen to he baby and she should treat it with her loving maternal care. Also if it was illegal the mother loud have to keep it and grow up and take responsibility of the child (power over) 3.

Care for Gods creations: every human being is made in the likeliness and image of God. If we are killing unborn babies, we are killing Gods creation and disrespecting him. If abortion was Illegal then more babies would be born and God would be happy because we have stopped disrespecting him in the worst way; killing. (power over) 1 OFF part of the same human family. We are all children of God and we have the same responsibilities toward one another that any family members have. Abortion being legal can hurt people because maybe the father wants to keep the baby and the mother does not, it ruins relationships. Power over) 5. Common good: allows all people in a community to reach their full human potential and fulfill their human dignity. Also if abortion was illegal their will be no babies killed and no one would be committing sin, so therefore they are fulfilling their human dignity that God wants us all to achieve (power with) 6: Conditions that a person needs in order to be fully what God created her to be. God does not want us to kill our babies he wants us to do what is right and follow a oath that he would have followed, and if abortion is illegal we can do that. (power 7.

Compassion: realizing each others sufferings and showing love and care; if abortion was illegal we can show love and care to our children instead of boding them. (power with) 8. Respect: acknowledges that the world is good because the world was created from gods own goodness; God creates our children and he would not want us killing them! (power with) 9. Option for the poor and vulnerable: The mothers that do not know what to do will not have a choice in whether they want an abortion or not because abortion will not be available. This protects the poor baby who has no say in the mothers decision.

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