Should Abortion Be Legal

There are two unforeseen circumstances that may cause a woman a great deal of mental pain. As a result of rape or incest a woman who has become pregnant should have a choice on whether she wants to keep the child, place for adoption or terminate the pregnancy through an abortion. If a decision is made then abortion should be her choice not the law.

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, sugarless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaker or undermine that right. During a July 17, 2007 speech given by then Senator Barack Obama and Presidential candidate at the time of the quotation, before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund: “We know that It’s about whether or not women have equal rights under the law.

We know that a woman’s right to make a decision about how many children she wants to have and when-?without government Interference-?l’s one of the most fundamental freedoms we have in this country. ” wГёm. Laureateship. Com. I think it’s important for people not to be Judgmental. I believe that we all have rights under the United States Law, whether it is legal in all circumstances or in most circumstances, it is our choice. The worldwide trend toward liberalizing of abortion laws observed in 1998 has continued.

Recognition of the impact of abortion restrictions on women’s human rights has played an increasing role in efforts to provide access to abortion. Poland, Irradiative, Laura. During these time women has many reason for wanting an abortion whether they have been a victim or not. Some do not have the money to raise them, or either the love to give. Many of these children grow up in poor conditions which do not give them any better possibility to Improve themselves both from a social side, as much as from an economic side.

This is why abortion should be encouraged in certain situations. Less suffering for the children, less suffering for the parents, and a slowing down of births in this overpopulated world. Together with the right use of sex education classes the number of unwanted pregnancies would eventually drop and that would lead to a decrease in abortions. Women legal rights can be taken away if they become a victim of rape or incest in which pregnancy can be a result of it. Abortion should be kept legal so that women may exercise this right in case of particular circumstances.

It should be up to the victim of the rape or incest what she wants to do in this rare and terrible situation. “We know that women have abortions for many reasons. Even if we disagree on the Issue of abortion, we can agree that these are private personal decisions we all must be able to make based on our own circumstances, beliefs, and values. Louise Mellon, JDK, Women also have the right regarding their own reproduction systems, and the power to exercise their rights regarding their own I believe that the government wants to make abortion illegal as a way of regulating population size and groups within the population.

They are trying to close most of the state provider and ban the procedure after 20 weeks. Taking away the right for a woman to exercise her rights is wrong. Abortion is a very touchy subject due to factors pertaining to religion, moral issues, ethical issues, and what one defines as murder. On the other hand, the supporters of legal abortion believe if abortion was made illegal, it would not stop abortions from being performed. Abortion debates will always persist and there is no telling which side is right.

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