Teenage Abortion

Abortion is a heavily debated issue in our country. Many people believe it is immoral and unethical, while some see it as a necessity. Whether the fetus is one or forty-five weeks old, many still see it as murder. At what point of the term of a woman’s pregnancy, is a fetus considered a human being? This issue is still up for further debate. The debate in regards to abortion stems from whether a woman should have the right to end her pregnancy or give birth.

I personally do not believe in abortion, however, I also believe it is a woman’s right to make that decision, especially in situations regarding teen pregnancy, financial hardships, rape, and incest. The following paragraphs will describe these circumstances in greater detail, supporting why I support pro choice abortion rights. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of all developed countries. A sexually active teen that does not use contraception has an increased chance of becoming pregnant.

Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young person might ever face when it interrupts school and many other life experiences. It can create an emotional crisis resulting in feelings of shame and fear, and it may appear that you will crumble under pressures in your surroundings. The stress of how you are going to break this news to your parents might be even greater, and finding help may seem an impossible task. I agree that there are several circumstances where a woman may come to a decision to have an abortion. An unplanned teen pregnancy is a firm example of pro choice abortion.

The teen in this situation make not be mentally, emotionally, or physically able to care for a child, so having an abortion maybe the best decision for her. On the other hand, if the teen chose to give birth to an unwanted baby, the child could be at risk for underdevelopment due to inexperience. Conceiving a child during financial hardships may bring upon the choice to terminate a pregnancy. This decision may also be obligated from the strain of economic family pressure. Not being able to provide for a child is grounds for executing your right to have an abortion.

Some people may disagree with my opinion; however I strongly believe that you should not bring another human being into this world if you are not financially responsible. When suffering from financial difficulties, adding another person to the equation can be very stressful and it will negatively affect the child’s growth. Having the abortion gives the woman a chance to choose a less stressful more productive life as opposed to enduring more hardships. A woman who conceives a fetus due to an act of either rape or incest is the victim of a violent, immoral, and despicable crime.

A victim of rape and incest is a prime example of why pro choice abortion should be prevalent in today’s society. It is debated that in the case of rape and incest a women’s metal health can be protected by an abortion. It is also said that a pregnancy caused by rape or incest is the result of a severe criminal act and that the victim should not be obliged to carry the fetus. Carrying an unwanted fetus would keep reminding the woman of the violence committed against her and would just increase her mental agony. I believe that the worth of the woman’s mental health is greater than the value of the fetus.

In the circumstances of rape and incest, I consider that the fetus is an antagonist against the woman’s integrity and personal significance. I strongly believe it is morally justifiable to prevent an aggressor by removing him threw an abortion. This is the only way that I believe you can defend your personal integrity. Studies have shown that teens can develop negative psychological affects, after ending a pregnancy by abortion. The incident may be traumatic and result in feelings of guilt, shame, anger, denial, and depression. Some doctors believe that it can be a little harder for teenagers to cope with an abortion than an adult.

Young people are more likely to use juvenile resistance such as self protection, denial, or “acting out”. Research shows that teens may undergo psychological challenges both in the beginning and the end of the process. However, depression can be managed with the proper treatment. There are many resources available for those in need of assistance in these unfortunate circumstances. Most high schools have a guidance counselor who is well trained in dealing with these issues, as well as support groups in churches and local communities.

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