The Importance of Life (Abortion)

Fox News, about 1. 5 million women in the US abort with unintentional pregnancies. This is not morally correct. Therefore, the US should not allow women to have abortions. First, murder is Illegal and aborting is murdering a fetus. Abortion is also planned murder, so It can be considered as a first-degree murder. A fetus is considered human because It Is breathing, growing and has the characteristics of a grown human. Another reason Is that abortion can cause psychological stress to the mother.

Stereotypically, women are known as weak hearted. For Instance, women are expected to Like cute fluffy things or females not being as strong as males, but that does not have anything to do with the woman or the stress. In the Southern Medical Journal (2002), It states that a woman who has aborted Is 154% more likely of committing seclude than a woman who has not aborted. Even men that find out about their partner had abortion may stress over It. Lastly, abortion increases the possibility of future miscarriage. In the International

Journal of Epidemiology (2003), it is estimated that 15% of the first trimester of miscarriage is usually caused by an abortion in the past. However, people say women should have the right to choose to have an abortion, but every right and freedom has a limit. The law is there to make sure the freedom is not taken advantage of. Women cannot choose whether a child should live or die. No one knows the time of their death or others’ deaths. Therefore, abortion should be made illegal because a life, whether they in the mother’s womb or out, has a purpose in the world.

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