Utilitarian view on abortion

If they are not universalism then they are contradictions In the Law of Nature, and if they cannot be willed to be universalism they are contradictions in the Law of the Will. “So act that the maxim of your will could always hold at the same time as a principle establishing universal law’ If you were to universalism abortion the human ace would become extinct and there would be no one left to have an abortion, thus abortion is a contradiction in the Law of Nature.

Furthermore, one may not will abortion to be universalism in all circumstances, e. G. A mother has an abortion simply because she wants to go on holiday, and therefore can also be seen as a contradiction in the Law of the Will. 2) Treat humans as ends in townspeople’s should always be treated as ends in themselves and not as a means to an end Kant argued that people and footsies have intrinsic value and not instrumental value – hey cannot be disposed of for the benefits of others.

Therefore, according to the Categorical Imperative, abortion is morally wrong in all circumstances. However, this is only the case if ethical status and moral worth can be extended to a pre-mature being such as a fetus. Kant did not make his view on this clear and did not deal with potentiality (the potential of a fetus to become a human). Kant distinguished between three types of beings: 1 ) People – rational Agents)

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