What Makes Abortion Controversial

This group of Individuals would be called Pro-Life and they are completely against abortion. At the time of conception, they consider the fetus to be a human being and have the rights that any other living being does. They do not look at abortion as an option to avoidance of becoming a parent. They are those who take on full responsibility of their actions or what may have happened to them such as rape. In rape cases, It has been known to not benefit the victim to choose abortion but only worsen the problem that has arisen.

If a parent decides they do not want to keep the child, there are other options such as adoption after birth. There are many couples who have trouble becoming regnant and have been told they would never be able to conceive. In that type of situation, those people would be more than willing to take on the role of being a parent that one parent didn’t want to. Secondly, there are those who are Pro-Choice and believe it is the woman’s full right to decide if abortion is something she wants to go through with.

A woman feels that she has authority to do what she wants with her body. Some of these women feel that they are not ready to take on the role of motherhood, have the financial means to raise the child, or have the support by a posse or family members. In other cases, rape or incest resulted in a pregnancy that was not done willingly by the woman involved. These sets of women are those who look at abortion as a sense of redemption from the situation that they were put in. In other words, a quick fix is something they’re in search of.

In the eyes of our society, it is stated that is Just as much of the woman’s fault as is the man’s because they feel women contribute to the possibility of being raped whether it be by the way they dress or the environment they put their selves in. Victims in this situation feel as if hey are at fault and put all the blame upon them which raises the chances of an abortion. In the end, this is something a woman should dig deep within herself and decide whether abortion is the ultimate answer to an unborn child.

After an abortion Is completed, there is no turning back and having a second chance to bring that child Into the world. If women are having doubts or don’t know which way to turn, there are places such as the pregnancy crisis center that can help. The biggest controversy Is whether this serious act Is a form of murder and wrong In God’s eyes or a eighties act for those who feel they have to right to do what they want with their body and what Is best for them at the time and their future.

In life, there are many choices to make and this Is one that people have a hard time Justifying whether It Is right or wrong. 609/350 What Makes Abortion Controversial By grocers_15 womb. A baby is allowed to be aborted up until the day of birth in the United States. People have an issue distinguishing whether this is something that is right or wrong. Abortion to be as cruel as murder and wrong in God’s eyes. This group of individuals coming a parent.

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