Why Abortion is wrong

Some may believe in abortion, and the idea of killing an innocent child who has done nothing. But let me tell you why abortion is utterly wrong. For one, an abortion can result in medical complications later in life such that the risk of octopi pregnancies, which Is a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb, or as others say the uterus, doubles. Is it very life threatening for the mother. The chance of a miscarriage Increases, and the development of a pelvic Inflammatory disease Increases. In an Instance of rape, proper medical care can ensure that a woman will not get pregnant, Hereford leaving abortion out as an option.

Abortion punishes the unborn child who has done nothing bad and has committed no crime. These abortions are filled with life-long regrets later In life. Take a look at young mothers since studies show that 52% of women under the age of 25 choose to abort an unplanned child. According to Stomacher Institute, the reasons teens most often give for having an abortion are as follows: (1 ) not wanting their lives changed by the birth of a baby, (2) not being able to afford a baby, (3) not feeling mature or responsible enough to raise a child. If these nouns girls feel that they are “mature or responsible” what makes them “mature” to have sex?

Or “responsible” to not use contraception? Studies show the top ten states ranked by rates of abortion among women aged 15-19 with pregnancies per thousand. New Jersey is the very first, with 47 pregnancies, New York second with 46, Maryland in third with 38, so on and so forth. Abortion is murder. It takes away a life that has not been lived, nor a breath taken. Many infertile women dream to have kids, and for abortion to Just occur is a crime and it should never be an option. Abortion is murder, utterly wrong, and it should not be legal.

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